Crysis 3

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In Crysis 3, my role was the art owner of the last mission “Gods and Monsters”. During the pre-production of this mission, my responsibilities included visual research, prototyping level segments and prototyping/co-designing the final boss battle, as well as various lookdev and pipeline related tasks.

In main production, I worked with Art Director Magnus Larbrant to realize the visual direction of the level, and with Junior Artist Pascal Müller to create all assets in the level. Almost all assets in the level are unique and not shared with the rest of the campaign. I also created the alpha-ceph boss through all prototype stages and worked on the design of the fight.

You can find a video montage of some locations in the level here (please download for good quality):

You can see a playthrough of the level here (available in 1080p / part two of playthrough and final boss follow later in the playist):

Image credits

All art assets by Felix Leyendecker except:

Rock final artwork: Pascal Mueller

Alien Grunt Character: Lars Martinsson

Nanosuit Character: Dima Gait

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